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Where can I find live outage information?
You can find live power outage information either through our Twitter feed or directly from Nova Scotia Power's official live outage information page. Nova Scotia Power also offers a mobile version of their outage site.

What Twitter feeds do you have available?
For your convience we have multiple Twitter feeds available so you can get as little or as much information as you'd like.

Why isn't the feed updating (Twitter and/or web site)?
This could be for any number of reasons. Rest assured that we will work to get it working again ASAP!

Why do I see an outage on the Nova Scota Power web site before this site or Twitter?
We have checks in place to ensure an outage really is one. We only care about extended outages. This helps to prevent polluting the Twitter feed.

Are you affiliated with Nova Scotia Power or Emera?
No. This feed and web site are purely for fun.

Is Nova Scotia Power on Twitter?
Yes, you can find them at twitter.com/nspowerinc.

If you have a question that's not on this page please feel free to contact us.